2023 Arkansas State Quail and Turkey Stamp Art Exhibition

March 18 – Exhibit Opening: Arkansas State Quail & Turkey Stamp Artwork Competition

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Historic Cane Hill is happy to partner again with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission and the Arkansas Game and Fish Foundation on the 2023 Arkansas State Quail & Turkey Stamp Art Competition! Join us Saturday, March 18 at 1:30 PM for the exhibit opening and reception, and see which entries won.

The exhibition will feature selections from the juried competition, including the winning entries for each category, which will appear on the 2023 Quail & Turkey stamps issued by the AGFC. This exhibition will be on display for the public through April 22, 2023.

The AGFC uses proceeds from its quail and turkey stamp purchases to help fund the rehabilitation and preservation of wild quail and turkey habitats around the state of Arkansas. The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission also provides information to the public regarding each species, hunting game, and landowner assistance for habitat preservation. To access these resources and to purchase quail and turkey stamps, visit www.agfc.com