South Kaibab Descent by John Lasater IV

Gallery Exhibit – John Lasater

Solo gallery show highlighting the work of local artist John Lasater

About the artist: John Lasater is an award-winning representational artist who was a mainstay on the national outdoor painting scene for over twelve years. Born and raised in Houston, Texas, he now lives, paints, and teaches in the beautiful hill-country of Northwest Arkansas. John has won numerous awards, including top honors from Oil Painters of America, Door County Plein Air, Easels in Frederick, Plein Air Southwest Salon, Olmsted Plein Air, Sedona Plein Air, Plein Air Rockies, Maui Plein Air, and Telluride Plein Air.

As a representational painter, John is attracted to the variety of formal possibilities in a motif, such as the shapes of shadows or the colors of forms. He responds with playfulness, objectivity, and moments of raw emotion, often rescuing the effort with a unified simplification or giving himself more problems to solve. John hopes to integrate an ever-developing appreciation of art history and a deeper reliance on his imagination in his future works.

John’s dedication to his craft has inspired many. He gives back by writing and teaching, sharing his knowledge and passion with others. Through a life dedicated to artistry, John hopes to continue inspiring others and creating beautiful works of art.

Image: South Kaibab Descent by Lasater, oil on linen.