John Lacy Bean House (1906)

Dr. John Lacy Bean attended Cane Hill College and the University of Arkansas and Washington University of Medicine. In 1897, he married Martha Ann McCollach (Annie). After an internship, he returned home to Cane Hill, where he practiced for many years. Dr. John Lacy Bean purchased Lot 6 of Kirby’s addition in 1906 from D. N. Edmiston. The value increases the following year, suggesting the house was constructed in 1906. In 1921, Lacy moved to Lincoln in 1921 to open a hospital, now the Arkansas Country Doctor Museum. Dr. Bean died in 1953 and is buried in the Cane Hill Cemetery.

In 2016 Historic Cane Hill purchased the house built by Dr. Bean and, through research and historic photographs, determined it’s historic appearance circa 1906. The house was restored in 2017, which included removal of a later addition and rebuilding the front porch. The inside of the home has been updated.

The Dr. John Lacy Bean house is now used as staff housing. Please respect the occupants’ privacy when walking around the grounds.