Methodist Manse (1859)

Originally built as the first Methodist Church in Cane Hill, the congregation quickly outgrew this Federal-style structure and converted it into a manse, or preacher’s residence. The National Register of Historic Places lists the Manse as built in 1834, but recently-found property title, construction documents, and archeological evidence suggest it wasn’t built until 1859. This structure served as Union General James G. Blunt’s headquarters after the Battle of Cane Hill in 1862. In 1864, Jennison’s Jayhawkers burned much of the town and the manse was partially destroyed by fire. After the Civil War, the Manse housed notable residents Prof. Harrison Welch, director of the Cane Hill Female Seminary, and Mary Pyeatte, granddaughter of John Rankin Pyeatte, one of Cane Hill’s founders. The restored building now houses the Historic Cane Hill, Inc. office.