Choose your own adventure with this list as your guide!

Ring the bell in the College Bell Tower
Stand in the middle of the Jordan Creek Bridge and take in the view
Spot a Blue Heron by Jordan Creek
Watch for eagles and hawks
Bring your sketch pad or easel and draw or paint the landscape or historic buildings
Have a picnic on the grounds – find a picnic table or spread out a blanket on the college grounds
Hug the giant Bur Oak Tree
Stand under the giant Bur Oak Tree and look up
Find a “fuzzy-capped” Bur Oak acorn
Look for apples in the orchards
Visit the museum
Take a selfie & share it with #historiccanehill
Spot Booth Campbell’s house
Find the names of graduates from Cane Hill High School
Find the old foundation stones by the Zeb and Eunice Edmiston House
Find the old fountain that once sat in the middle of Main Street (now Hwy 45)
Be an insect explorer. Catalog your findings.
See how many native plants and trees you can name
Read a book in the shade of the College walnut tree grove
Bring a mat. Do yoga.
Find the antique farm equipment on the upper trails; imagine how they were used
Climb the cemetery hill and take in the view
Watch the sunrise from cemetery hill and the sunset from the top of the Earle or McCulloch Trails
Have a photo op at the Earle House ruins along the Earle Trail
Look for crawdads, fish, frogs, and turtles in the stream next to the Gallery.