Cane Hill Harvest Festival Sponsorship Opportunities


Historic Cane Hill’s Harvest Festival draws an estimated 2,000 visitors annually. The marketing campaign wrapped around the event generates millions of impressions and creates unique visibility opportunities for our partners. With this year’s expanded Arts and Eats Market and other festival investments, we expect attendance to grow in 2023 and beyond.


• This year marks the 36th anniversary of the Harvest Festival, making it one of the longest- running community events in Northwest Arkansas
• The Harvest Festival offers an experience unlike any other festival in Northwest Arkansas, combining history and a natural setting with modern amenities and entertainment
• Historic Cane Hill, the site of the Harvest Festival, features 14 historic buildings and more than 100 acres of pristine Ozark trails, orchards, and landscape for festival guests to explore
• Guests can also spend time in Historic Cane Hill’s onsite museum and gallery, built originally as the Shaker Yates Grocery Store and A.R. Carroll Drugstore, which showcase 1,000+ community artifacts and heirlooms from the Cane Hill community and rotating special exhibitions